U.S. Navy Veteran 

While studying at the University of Mississippi, Courtenay joined Navy ROTC as a sophomore and was honored to be commissioned as a naval officer upon graduation. She reported to the USS Grace Hopper (DDG-70) as the Undersea Warfare Officer, Tomahawk Watch Officer and Public Affairs Officer. 

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, she proudly served as a Surface Warfare Officer during Operation Enduring Freedom. Her ship spent three months in the Persian Gulf and it was the highest honor to serve beside brave women and men willing to risk their lives to protect the United States of America.

At 22 years old, she learned the true meaning of “leave no man behind” and “failure is not an option.” As an officer, it was her responsibility to ensure her sailors were confident that she had their backs and would lay it all on the line for them regardless of their race, gender, religion, socioeconomic or political backgrounds. She made sure they were properly trained and worked through many issues our service members face every day. This was her job and she was proud to serve her division, shipmates and country. Courtenay was ranked #1 of all junior officers and was the USS Grace Hopper Junior Officer of the Year. 

Courtenay served her country and now she's ready to serve Williamson County

Courtenay Rogers Commissioned Officer

Commissioned Officer 

Courtenay was commissioned as a naval officer in May of 2000 and is seen here returning her first salute as an officer on graduation day. She has served her country and now she is ready to serve her community. It's time that Williamson County has a true leader in the state house.

Gen. Tommy Franks

War Veteran

While serving during Operation Enduring Freedom, Courtenay was the Public Affairs Officer aboard the USS Grace Hopper (DDG-70). She presented General Tommy Franks, Commander of the US Central Command, with Grace Hopper ballcap during his visit to the ship in the Persian Gulf.