Public Education: Part 1

I'm a proud public school parent and a vocal public school advocate. People move to Williamson County for our public schools, our property values are up because of our public schools and corporations build headquarters here because of our public schools. I cannot be more clear when I say we must protect our public education system and stop electing representatives who take money from outside special interest groups who support privatization. Our children and teachers deserve to be represented by someone who will fight to fully fund our public schools and I am that person.

While Williamson County is renowned throughout the state for our high achieving schools, recent efforts have threatened the future of our school system.  Tennessee ranks as the 6th worst for spending amount per student for education, and in 2016, the state government only funded 38% of the cost necessary for students in Williamson County and gave 20% less funding than was requested by our Williamson County Schools Superintendent.  Our incumbent representative introduced legislation that would take public funding from schools to give to private schools or for-profit organizations running charter schools.  While local parents vocally opposed the increased pressure on students from standardized testing, our local representative passed a bill that will use these scores to rank schools, increasing pressure even more.  

With a daughter in 3rd grade, my top priorities are to increase the funding going to our children'sā€™ education, increase teacher salaries and benefits, and make sure that Williamson County Schools receive the support they need from the state to continue their tradition of excellence.