A true leader, who represents all voices in Williamson County.

As a 30 year Navy veteran, I had the privilege of commanding Courtenay Rogers’ first ship, the destroyer, USS HOPPER (DDG-70). As a newly commissioned Ensign, Courtenay quickly demonstrated the skills and characteristics desired in a talented junior officer. Intelligent, confident, and more than willing to make the extra effort; she was quick to gain my confidence as well as that of the Sailors she served with and led. She displayed the strength and integrity to meet demanding challenges, and I am certain these characteristics will serve her effectively as the state representative for Williamson County.
— Buz Sorce, Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired)

I’m a mother and a veteran with deep roots in Williamson County. After watching what happened with our school board two years ago and learning about the influx of money from outside special interest groups, I decided it was time to stop complaining and do something. The folks of District 63 deserve to be represented by someone who cares about them and who will fight for our schools, fix our traffic problems and ensure all working citizens have health insurance. My daughter is just beginning her public schooling in Williamson County and my parents will age and die here, so I’ve got many years left to dedicate to improving the quality of life in this county. -Courtenay Rogers


Brief Background

Courtenay Rogers is a professional marketer with a passion for technology, her community and connecting others. She has a degree in French and Naval Science from the University of Mississippi and served as a naval officer aboard a guided missile destroyer, the USS Grace Hopper, upon graduation. While in the Navy, she earned her Surface Warfare qualification and served as the Undersea Warfare Officer as well as the Public Affairs Officer and Tomahawk Watch Officer during Operation Enduring Freedom. She was ranked #1 of all junior officers and won the Junior Officer of the Year Award.

Her leadership and operations experience in the Navy led to her career track in technical project management and consulting, specifically in digital marketing. As a technology consultant, Courtenay translates “geek speak” for her clients, working closely with teams to ensure digital projects such as websites and network infrastructure align properly with overall marketing and business strategy, timelines and budgets. She is also the co-founder and COO of a social enterprise company called Girls to the Moon that focuses on empowering young girls to change the world.

Courtenay is an avid community advocate and graduate of Leadership Franklin with deep roots in Williamson County. As the mother of an 8-year-old daughter who attends Moore Elementary, Courtenay is focused on making Williamson County the best place to live and work, not just for her family, but for all families.